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There are more than 500 volunteer jobs on our Database, here are a few of them, if you would like to help the community and work as a volunteer you can call us @ 604-985-7138



Volunteer Driver - Better at Home: Provide transportation for frail, elderly seniors to enable them to get out of their homes and go grocery shopping, attend appointments, or participate in social activities in the community.

Snowshoeing Head Coach: The Snowshoeing Head Coach is responsible for overseeing and managing all actions within the Snowshoeing program. You will be supported by eager volunteers, SOBC staff and the local executive team.

Various Volunteer Positions: Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society offers various positions for volunteers. For more information and a list of our volunteer opportunities, please check out our website at

Board Member: A volunteer board member is needed to act as Treasurer for the Friends of the NVMA Society, a registered charity, starting June 2016. Duties would include reviewing financial statements on a regular basis; reporting to the board monthly on the Society's financial status; have signing authority for Society accounts.

Musical Entertainment Volunteers: Volunteers are needed to provide pleasant entertainment or sing-alongs. Choice of music must be a type that seniors enjoy. One shift bi-weekly working with a small group of residents. Mutually agreeable days and times to be arranged.


Various Volunteer Positions: Please visit our website for an extensive list of active volunteer positions at

If you are interested in these or other possible volunteer opportunities, please call 604-

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