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There are more than 500 volunteer jobs on our Database, here are a few of them, if you would like to help the community and work as a volunteer you can call us @ 604-985-7138



Receptionist Volunteer: Meet and greet visitors and members, take payments and register for programs and events, answer phone calls, make coffee for drop-in groups, perform additional tasks based on skills and knowledge. (Computer skills an asset but not necessary). Shifts are 3 hours once or twice a week Monday to Friday.

Community Campaign Volunteer: During February, canvassers visit door to door for approximately 2-4 hours to raise awareness and collect funds for research and health promotion initiatives for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Canvassers are also encouraged to canvass online or take a kit to work to raise funds.

Volunteer Mentor: Seeking caring, reliable adults willing to share a couple of hours a week with a vulnerable child or youth who could really benefit from your company. Volunteers are assigned a young person of the same gender who they see on a weekly basis and engage them in community activities.

Volunteer Tutor: Tutors work with students who are identified by their teachers as needing a boost in their literacy skills.  The work is fun and very rewarding!  For students, these are invaluable opportunities to practice reading and writing in an environment where it is okay to take risks, make mistakes and learn at their own pace.

Seniors Peer Support Volunteer: Looking for caring volunteers to provide an emotional support for seniors, also to guide them through changes, and challenges. Possible previous experience in people-related services.

Various Volunteer Positions: Please visit our website for an extensive list of active volunteer positions at

If you are interested in these or other possible volunteer opportunities, please call 604-

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