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There are more than 500 volunteer jobs on our Database, here are a few of them, if you would like to help the community and work as a volunteer you can call us @ 604-985-7138



Grocery Volunteer: Grocery Volunteers assist clients as they select and pack groceries and keep the "grocery store" shelves stocked and tidy and monitor food freshness. Volunteers are needed for the Wednesday shift.

Driver: NSCR is looking for a volunteer driver to provide transportation for frail, elderly seniors to enable them to get out of their homes and go grocery shopping, attend appointments, or participate in social activities in the community.

Volunteer: Harmony Arts Festival, August 4-13, highlights the talent of North Shore artists, sharing the value of arts appreciation and creation, and building community pride and participation. Experience the arts through exhibitions, demonstrations, concerts, art market, and hands-on activities. The Festival offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for all ages and skill levels.

Information Desk Assistant: Working as part of a two-person reception team, welcome all individuals that walk in or call in to the Society and provide any information requested about the Positive Living Society, its programs and services. This is a key volunteer position as it is often the first contact that people have with the Society. A friendly, welcoming, and non-judgmental presence is required, along with good people skills.

Bingo Helper: Silver Harbour Centre is looking for a volunteer to help to run Bingo games. Some record keeping, calling numbers, and verifying Bingo wins on the floor.


Various Volunteer Positions: Please visit our website for an extensive list of active volunteer positions at

If you are interested in these or other possible volunteer opportunities, please call 604-

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