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North Shore Community Resources was formed in 1976 from two organizations: the North Shore Volunteer Centre and the North Shore Information Centre, both of which were offshoots of the North Shore United Way. The new organization was called the North Shore Volunteer and Information Centre. As the organization began to provide more and more legal information it was decided in 1990 to choose a less specific name that would encompass all the services. North Shore Community Services was the name chosen.

NSCR is a multiservice agency with four main departments:

Information North Shore
North Shore Child Care Resource Program
Seniors' One Stop
Volunteer North Shore
Better at Home
Caregiver Support
Legal Services

Information North Shore
The Information and Referral Centre provides general information to the community primarily in the area of community service provision. Information North Shore also produces a directory of North Shore Agencies and Organizations, known as the Green Book, on an annual basis.

North Shore Child Care Resource Program
North Shore Child Care (NSCCRP) is a service of North Shore Community Information and Resource Society. NSCCRP serves as a community based nonprofit organization that promotes programs and projects which enhance caring services and the quality of life for children and their families.

Seniors' One Stop
Seniors' One Stop is a specialized division of the information and referral service of Information North Shore. Seniors' One Stop Information Line is funded by the Ministry of Health.

Volunteer North Shore
Volunteer North Shore acts as a resource for agencies looking for volunteers and a service to people looking for volunteer work by referring potential volunteers to organizations that have requested volunteers. It also assists organizations with their volunteer programs and promotes volunteering to the public in general.


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