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NSCR’s Democracy Café is organizing Vote PopUps to coincide with the upcoming provincial election and we need volunteers!

What is a Vote Pop Up?

A Vote PopUp simulates the voting experience with ballot boxes, voting screens and ballots. At a Vote PopUp, community members are invited to vote on issues that matter to them while learning about the voting process.

The Vote PopUp is an initiative of Samara Canada and Elections BC as well as community groups like NSCR, libraries, community centres, etc. to encourage voting by providing first-time, infrequent voters and the general public with a voting experience and information on how to vote.

Vote Pop Up Volunteer Description

Vote PopUp volunteers will interact and engage the public by inviting them to participate in the Vote Pop Up (VPU) and provide information about voting in the provincial election. The VPU volunteer will provide simple voting instructions to participants and ensure that ballots are properly deposited. VPU volunteers will provide general voting information, answer questions and provide referrals to Elections BC.

Vote PopUp volunteers will be assisted by NSCR’s Vote PopUp Coordinator and/or volunteer coordinators/staff of the host organization.

Dates and Times

The Vote PopUp project will run from April 3 until May 7, 2017. Vote PopUp volunteers are needed to staff Vote Pop Up sites for 2 to 3 hours shifts. Vote PopUps may be scheduled on any day of the week including evenings depending on staff and volunteer availability.

Volunteer schedules will be created once host organizations confirm the dates and
times of their Vote PopUps. All Vote PopUp sites will be on the North Shore at participating host organizations. Volunteers will be required to attend an orientation and training session.

Date and Location of Training Session to be Confirmed.

Volunteer Vote Pop Up Qualifications

Vote PopUp volunteers should have good communication skills including a good ability to read, write and speak English. The ability to speak an additional language would be an asset.

Vote PopUp volunteers should enjoy working with and assisting the public as well as have an interest in promoting a healthy democracy and the voting process.

VPU volunteers will be required to bring a strictly non-partisan approach to their volunteer work for the Vote Pop Up. The focus of this volunteer opportunity will be on encouraging voting and not promoting or disparaging the merits of any particular candidate or political party. 

If you are interested in volunteering for the Vote PopUp, you can sign up here

Or if you’d like more information or to sign up by contacting our VPU Coordinator, please contact:

Megan Dias, NSCR Vote PopUp Coordinator

megan.dias@alumni.ubc.ca / 905-808-4982 or 604-982-3307

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