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  Community Housing Action Committee (CHAC):

  CHAC includes North Shore residents, representatives of community organizations and volunteers who are concerned about the lack of affordable, appropriate and adequate housing on the North Shore. We welcome additional participants who want to help raise public awareness and develop solutions.
  Our Strategies
  • Work creatively to find ways to increase the stock of affordable housing
  • Encourage local, provincial and federal governments to provide more affordable housing on the North Shore
  • Facilitate the formation of partnerships for the development of affordable housing
  • Collaborate with other North Shore groups with similar concerns
  Affordable Housing
  • Helps seniors and people with disabilities maintain their independence
  • Helps people remain healthier, resulting in health and social service cost savings
  • Helps maintain a balanced and healthy community through a variety of housing choices
  • Helps create disposable income, enabling families to participate in community life

BC Housing is the provincial crown agency that ...

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Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is Canada's national housing agency