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Resources & Equipment

The Child Care Resource Program's library is designed to encourage a richly diverse learning environment. We have dramatic play, story, and science displays to help stimulate ideas for parents, child care providers, teachers, and students. 
The library has a wide variety of children's books and toys available to borrow.  We also provide books and educational DVDs that address many important aspects of child care, including:

  • Nutrition
  • Discipline
  • Family Relationships
  • Health
  • Safety, etc. 

At the library, up to ten books, 3 felt stories and other resources may be checked out for up to four weeks at a time -no charge, to all subscribers of the Child Care Resource & Referral Program.

NSCCRRP Resource Library

Over 2000 books, DVDs and equipment on a variety of topics related to Early Childhood Education, Child Care Programming, Child Development, Parenting, and children’s books. Except for a small reference section, most resources are available for borrowing.
The library is divided into various categories including books on small business and operating a child care facility, parent books and activity books. Some of these are

  • Child Care Programs (code CCP)-this is a large grouping of activity books for use with children and in child care settings with special sections for music/art and science. There is also a section on management for family child care and on program development for various ages.
  • Parenting (code PAR)-this is a large group of books covering all kinds of parenting issues from babyhood to teenage. This is a good place to browse for general information and for help with specific problems.
  • Diversity (code DIV)-this is a small section in the library that is constantly growing to include all types of multicultural books and videos with some diversity programming for child care settings.

Resource kits (information packages) on a variety of topics such as separation, anxiety, sleep problems, temper tantrums, self- esteem, new baby, etc. Each package includes a variety of articles as well as children’s books related to the topic.(available for borrowing)
Journals and newsletters from early childhood related organizations.
Books for children-From toddlers to teens.

NSCCRRP Equipment Lending Library

Resources are available for loan, no charge, to all subscribers of the Child Care Resource & Referral Program.

Equipment These items can be borrowed for a maximum of four (4) weeks. Equipment in this category is intended to assist the child care provider until such time as she/he can purchase her/his own.

Large Toys, Activity Boxes and Grab Bags- can be borrowed for a maximum 4 weeks. Items in this category are intended to enhance and expand the programming that already exists in your child care setting.

Activity Boxes - These boxes can be borrowed for a maximum period of 4 weeks and must be returned at the end of the contracted time.
Click here to see NSCR Child Care Equipment Lending Library Catalogue


*We also have a selection of children’s puzzles that can be borrowed individually for up to 4 weeks.

  1. One piece of equipment can be borrowed with either one large toy or one activity box, or one large toy can be borrowed with one activity box.  No more than 2 large items at one time and no more than 1 activity box at a time. However, you may have up to 3 Grab Bags and 2 large items.
  2. Borrower is responsible for the replacement of any broken, damaged or lost toys and equipment.
  3. Pick- up and drop-off items at any time during our office hours. The Reception or one of the childcare team member will be able to assist you.
  4. Please call the office at 604-985-7138 to reserve an item.
Child Care Resources
Cost of Child Care Program/Facility Resource
Cost of Child Care Family Resource
Child Care Funding and Bursary Guide 2013
Child Care vs Early Learning
Family Child Care Business Manual
Parents’ Guide to Selecting and Monitoring Child Care in BC
Considering Opening a Child Care Facility On The North Shore?
Children & Family Directory
Child Care Needs Assessment report (pdf file)
Free Things To Do (pdf file)
Samples of Child Care Policies & Forms
Access to Child Care Records (pdf file)
Attendance Record 1 (pdf file)
Attendance Record 2 (pdf file)
Child Care Subsidy Policy (pdf file)
Client Files(pdf file)
Confidentiality Policy (pdf file)
Daily Report (pdf file)
Drop off and Pick up Policy(pdf file)
Emergency Evacuation (pdf file)
Emergency medical treatment form (pdf file)
Access to Child Care Records (pdf file)
Field Trip Authorization (pdf file)
Guiding Children's Behaviour (pdf file)
Illness (pdf file)
Individual Child Files list (pdf file)
LNR Required 20 hours of Training (pdf file)
Medication Authorization Form (pdf file)
Missing Child Policy (pdf file)
Outing Permission (pdf file)
Parent Provider Agreement (pdf file)
Permission for Child to Walk Unescorted to and from School (pdf file)
Photograph Release (pdf file)
Registration Form (pdf file)
Requirement to report suspected abuse (pdf file)
Sample Plan of Activities (pdf file)
Substitute Notice (pdf file)
Visiting Friend (pdf file)
Health and Nutrition
Healthy Start of Life Activity Manual (pdf file)
Active Living Planner(pdf file)
Daycare Toolkit(pdf file)
Fact sheets Parents (pdf file)
Great Ideas (pdf file)
Have a Ball with a Ball (pdf file)
What Research Says(pdf file)
Healthy Start of Life Nutrition Manual (pdf file)
Helping Your Toddler to Eat Well - Sharing the Responsibility (pdf file)
Meal and Snack Ideas for Your Toddler (pdf file)
101 + Snack Time ideas (pdf file)
Preschoolers' Food Handling Skills Motor Development (pdf file)
Developmentally Appropriate Food and Nutrition Skills for .... (pdf file)
Hurts and Hazards (pdf file)
Nourishing Children with Books (pdf file)
Apple (pdf file)
Bananas (pdf file)
Canada’s Guide to Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (pdf file)
Citrus (pdf file)
Coloring Book (pdf file)
Daycare Toolkit (pdf file)
Eatracker Poster (pdf file)
Healthy Eating For People Four Years And Over (pdf file)
Healthy Preschooler (pdf file)
Grapes (pdf file)
Smart Snacks to Fuel Your Body (pdf file)
5 a Day Maze (pdf file)
Mystery Food Activity (pdf file)
The ABC's of Feeding Preschoolers(pdf file)
Peaches & Plums(pdf file)
Strawberries(pdf file)
For Parents

Below is information about some of the benefits, tax credits and deductions available for families with children who are on low income. In order to receive these benefits, families need to fill out their income tax returns every year. For more information click here

Public Access to the Internet

Public access to the Internet is available at the NSCCRRP office Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. and during our extended opening hours.
The site is available on a first come - first serve basis for one hour sessions. And now extended hours available Thursdays until 7:45 p.m.

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